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 It’s versatile.
• Perform lithotripsy by fragmenting or dusting renal, ureteral and bladder calculi
• Conduct BPH procedures: HoLEP, transurethral incision of the prostate (TUIP) and bladder neck incisions (BNI)
• Treat strictures, tumors and condylomas
 More power to you.
Now you can perform lithotripsy, tissue resection and a broad range of urological procedures with an integrated system from a single source – Boston Scientific. Our AurigaTM XL 50 Watt Holmium Laser works together with our LightTrailTM TracTipTM Single Use Laser Fiber to help maximize procedural efficiency, reduce costly scope damage and improve the surgical experience.
Auriga XL 50 Watt Holmium Laser
The Auriga XL is a universal, 50 watt holmium laser that delivers high-peak pulse output and performs a broad range of lithotripsy and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) procedures.
It’s powerful. Deliver up to 50 watts – with a maximum of 25Hz and 4200mJ of high-peak pulse energy – to effectively break up stones of all sizes. You can also adjust pulse width to aid in lithotripsy, ablation and coagulation.
It’s smart. The Auriga XL Laser automatically detects the type of LightTrailTM Fiber connected, creating a precise optical fit between fiber and console.1
It’s simple. An adjustable green aiming beam helps you to visualize the surgical target. And the intuitive touchscreen display is designed for ease of learning and ease of use.
   1. Bench Testing on file with Boston Scientific. Bench testing not necessarily indicative of clinical performance. URO-458909-AB © 2021 Boston Scientific Corporation or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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